Software Consulting Solutions

As a software consultant, my focus is on helping businesses find and create an appropriate web-presence. That may come in the form of a simple display website, an e-commerce storefront, or a networking site for associates.

In creating these solutions, I am able to draw on over ten years of experience in interface usability (how easy it is for new customers to navigate an application) and software design (how easy it is for developers to maintain the application).

A Portfolio of Websites

Most of my work consists of helping machines talk to one another, but these are a few of the human-viewable sites I've worked on recently:

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David Hoyt

David W Hoyt
3257 14th Ave So.
Minneapolis, MN 55407


Programmer/Analyst with 11 years of experience in the Information Systems industry, specializing in legacy data integration and the development of secure corporate intranet/Internet applications.

Technical Skills:


J2EE, Spring 3.0, JPA, Hibernate, Struts, Ant, JUnit, Log4J, CVS, Subversion, JCA, JCE, JMS, JMX, QT (C++)

Programming Languages

Java, JSP, C, Groovy, C++, PHP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, XML


PostgreSQL, Mysql, Oracle, MSSqlServer, Access, LDAP

Operating Systems

Linux, MacOS, Windows, uCLinux, CBM

Web Servers

WebSphere, Tomcat, Apache

Professional Experience:

Quality Bicycle Products, Inc August 2008 – Present
Sr Java Developer

Currently working with a 7-person team to re-design and implement the CRM and B2B catalog and ordering systems for the dealer network.

Created a “domain specific language” to represent our data model using the ANTLr compiler-generator to build our DAO and Model layers in Java; designed and built parts of the view, service, and controller layers. Components of our application are built around the Spring and Grails frameworks, running on Apache Tomcat.

The project team uses a modified Agile development process, supported in part by the Atalassian tool suite.

Technology:  Java 1.6, Spring 3.0, Groovy/Grails, AspectJ, ANTLr, Log4J, JUnit, JMeter, postgresql, Atalassian, subversion, Apache tomcat.

October 2007 – May 2009 - Arcstone Technologies, Inc., et al
Sr Software Consultant

Software consultant, working independently and with small teams on projects of various sizes in whatever language/development environment the situation calls for.

Led a team of developers to design, architect, and implement a massively-distributed database application, in which many thousands of air quality sensors report to a central database, which is in turn accessible via a customer interface.

Technology:  Php5, C, Flash, connecting to MySQL hosted on Debian and uCLinux, Apache+ssh, and subversion.

March 2001 – September 2006 - Lands' End, Inc.

Member of a large team of Java developers and designers building the e-commerce capabilities of a Fortune 100 corporation. Responsibilities included building, documenting, and testing robust J2EE applications from detailed requirements. Implemented encryption/decryption algorithms for credit-card transaction software, using JCE and JCA, and was technical lead for the “Virtual Personal Shopper” recommendation engine re-implementation in J2EE

Technology:  Java5, Java1.4,MyEclipse, Struts, Servlets, JCE, JCA, JMS, IBM MQ, LDAP, SQL, Oracle 9i, Apache Tomcat, cm-synergy. Also C, M4, Vignette, and CVS.

October 1999 – March 2001 - Smart Solutions, Inc
Java Programmer/Analyst

Converted an OS2/Warp court records system to J2EE for the State of Wisconsin Circuit Court Automation Project (CCAP).
Extracted business logic from C source files and implemented it in Java. Implemented the jury selection software and other components for the Circuit Courts of WI.

Technology:&bbsp; Java 1.2, Visual Age for Java, Swing, PL/SQL, CVS.

May 1999 - Pacific Programmers' Cooperative

Junior member of a consulting firm in San Francisco, CA. Worked with senior staff to implement an on-line order-management system for a network of home-based sushi-chefs.